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Are you sleepwalking through life?
Consider this your wake-up call.





The Book

Most people live with a “ho-hum” view of the gospel: They tend to believe that the gospel is something necessary for salvation, but that it makes very little difference in their day-to-day lives.

The Late Awakening reveals the gospel as more than merely a one-time event to believe in, but a powerful, life-changing narrative that has the potential to impact individuals, families, communities, and entire cultures.

Are you sleeping through life, unaware of your need for daily, life-altering gospel truth? Then consider this your wake-up call.

The Author

has been on staff with Cru since 2001 and currently serves as Senior Editor of CruPress. A native of Melita, Manitoba, he lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife and four children. Follow him on Twitter @xNeilo.


In the field of communication we have a saying that all words are riddles that have to be unpacked. We owe a debt of gratitude to Neil Downey for creatively and carefully unpacking a word that is central to our lives as followers of Christ, but often taken for granted. The Late Awakening forces us to reconsider what we think we know about the word gospel.

Tim Muehlhoff
Professor of Communication, Biola University
Author of Authentic Communication: Christian Speech Engaging Culture (IVP Academic)

You don't have to know much about the gospel to know that living it is much more important than talking about it. And what I appreciate about Neil and the other participants is they live it. And, as a result, it's an absolute pleasure to listen to them talk about it.

Rick James
Author of Jesus Without Religion and A Million Ways to Die

In The Late Awakening, Neil Downey invites us to vicariously enjoy an energetic and entertaining dialogue amongst friends intent on discovering what the gospel means for all of life. During the course of their “cyber-dialogue” the various participants, adroitly moderated by Neil, shed much-needed intellectual light on the familiar word “Gospel” to reveal a multi-faceted, gleaming and brilliant gem that has the power to transform the way we live our lives every day. More than simply the “door to salvation,” The Late Awakening helps us understand that the gospel is not merely a quick salvation sales pitch, but a reality in which we need to be continually immersed for our own on-going transformation. Regardless of where you may be on your spiritual journey, I encourage you to read and share The Late Awakening . . . before it’s too late!

Dr. Sam Rima
Executive Pastor, Tenth Church (Vancouver, BC)
Author of Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership and Spiritual Capital: A Moral Core for Social and Economic Justice

If you buy my dad’s book, I’ll give you a thousand dollars.

Griffin Downey
Kindergarten Graduate
Robert Frost Elementary

Have you ever wanted to invite a group of safe people together for a (insert drink of choice) and just ask them questions about the gospel? Well, here's your chance when you sit down with Neil Downey's new book The Late Awakening. So grab a Diet Coke (ok, that's mine) and find a comfortable place to sit for a while. My guess is, as you listen to what this new group of friends had to say (along with Neil's own witty banter and insightful comments), many of your questions will be answered. Just maybe Neil's late awakening will be your own wake up call.

Candice Siewert
National Director
Cru Global Missions

Within a creative format, Neil has kidnapped the gospel from its ivory tower and forced it to walk among real people. His commitment to grasping the core message of the New Testament has produced a layman's guide to spiritual understanding. Great stuff!”

Jeff Wheeler
Lead Pastor
Central Baptist Church (Sioux Falls, SD)

Neil Downey and his eclectic group of friends have given us some quirky, multi-faceted answers to faith's deepest questions. If you want to laugh, think, and be challenged to live a more dynamic, authentic Christian life, you'll enjoy The Late Awakening!”

Chris Zaugg
Executive Director

With a clever combination of wit and poignancy, The Late Awakening focuses a Jesus-seeking Christian appropriately to where their heart's attention should consistently rest. Neil Downey happily dwells on the purity of the biblical gospel and what it practically means to live out its definition in daily life, and he does so with refreshing levity."

Shelby Abbott
Emcee, Entertainer, and Public Speaker
Author of Jacked and I'm Awkward, You're Awkward

You'd have to be rooster-stoopid not to buy this book.